Sustainable Agriculture

The history of JUA Fruits started between Belgium & Uganda in 2014. Our idea was simple: on the one hand, provide technical support to local communities with the set up of advanced solar drying techniques to dry excess production of exotic fruits. One the other hand, developing the European market for premium quality dried fruits which would generate a direct impact on rural economy. The positive impact we generated in Uganda was the starting point of other projects. In 2017, Jua Fruits started working with other rural cooperatives across Africa which all share the same philosophy: promoting sustainable agriculture as well as human emancipation. We naturally positioned ourselves as a trusted customer brand and advisor for northern companies willing to consume ethical, organic & healthy snack!

10% of profits to charity

JUA originates from the observation that traditional trade patters between Northern countries and the South have changed. Customers are now looking into the origin of their purchases, cautious about their health and willing to create a positive impact on people and on the planet.

The products we sell are mainly produced in Uganda in the farming cooperative Amani. Most of our products are solar dried, they are all organic and fair trade.

The cooperative is supported by The Refugee Next Door Association on the technical assistance part of solar-drying techniques. It is investing in the construction of enhanced solar dryers in several parts of Uganda (Kayunga, Mbale & Mbarara).

Due to high demand, we also buy dried fruits from Burkina Faso producers when needed.

JUA Fruits business model is socially responsible. Therefore, it supports farming and education programs in Uganda.

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We are on a mission to end Food waste, this is why our bananas, mangoes and pineapples come from ‘ugly’ fruits. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 20 to 40% of fruits and vegetables are thrown away because they are not pretty enough.

They are rejected for export because they are too ripe, not the perfect size or look odd. At JUA, we believe our fruits don’t need to be beauty queen, what matters to us is their taste!

This is what inspired us to upcycle these fruits and make great healthy snacks out of them.