7 DIY easy-to-make last-minute costumes for Halloween

Are you in a rush with no inspiration for your kids Halloween costume this year?

Well, don't panic, we have got you covered!

Even if Halloween is less famous in Europe than in the US, it is one of the kids favorite tradition as they get to dress up!

I bet the idea of having lots of sweets and frightening their friends with their freaky or silly costumes explains why 😉

As parents, Halloween may be more difficult to embrace as it is a lot of work and money between the decoration of the house and costumes.

Here are 7 easy-to-make inspiration for costumes whether you want something simple or more creative.

Off course, instead of giving your kids sweets you can easily substitute sweets with our dried fruits 😋

Do you have any other ideas for costumes? We'd love to see them!

If you make one of these, please send us a picture !

Source: Pinterest