Behind JUA, there is a team of two best friends, François-Xavier and Augustin, who wanted to create great healthy snacks and have a positive impact with their business.


The adventure started 10 years ago in Uganda when they created the Association The Refugee Next Door.

The RND Association has three main projects in Uganda:

  • A nursery and primary school:

The school now provides education for over 220 children from the ages of 3 -8 years. 

  • Kitiibwa Vocational Training Centre and restaurant:

    'Kitiibwa' meaning dignity in local language, is home for our 40 female students. These young women have a choice of three vocational courses; catering, tailoring and hairdressing. 
  • A Farmer Field School:

This Agricultural cooperative brings together the local farmers and producers of local fruits. Its goal is to alleviate poverty through education & socio-economic livelihood projects allowing them to add value to their agricultural production such as sun-drying of fruits.

JUA means Sun in Swahili.

JUA snacks is the result of many years of improving the sun-drying process in collaboration with ULB university.

Thanks to this unique knowledge we can come up with deliciously soft and tasty snacks full of sun.

No added nonsense. Just Fruits!